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Case study

Microsite and magazine motivate staff


How do you combine the benefits of a print magazine with the immediacy and interactivity of a microsite? It’s easy – you do both.

Connect launched these two communications channels for Scottish Water to keep its staff engaged, informed and motivated.

Research among staff showed that, while the previous tabloid-format SW News was popular, many now preferred to consume information in different ways – online, in magazines or through social media.

And with staff spread across the country, a print and online combination was the perfect way to get important corporate information to remote workers on the road as well as those with daily access to computers.

Crucially, the two formats serve slightly different purposes. The print title, Vision, is visual to help tell compelling stories. The microsite, Vision Extra – while carrying the content of the magazine – provides news updates between issues and additional content.

Staff took to both products immediately, with great feedback on the news magazine and more than 1,000 staff accessing the microsite within a week of launch.

Ruth Findlay, Scottish Water’s internal communications manager, said: “We’re delighted at the positive feedback we have received on Vision and Vision Extra.

“We carried out thorough employee research and as a result both the publication and the microsite are very much in tune with what people want to read. The mix of media is really fresh and forward looking and reflects the valued and trusted business we are, and the business we aspire to be in the future.”





Posted on 11 November 2013, 16:44

We’re delighted at the positive feedback we have received on Vision and Vision Extra.

Ruth Findlay, Scottish Water's internal communications manager